Bucs Assistant Coach Harold Goodwin Takes Early Lead in Coaches Don't Sleep Rankings

Harold Goodwin
Harold Goodwin / Will Vragovic/Getty Images

What is the ULTIMATE football guy schedule? Tampa Bay Buccaneers assistant head coach Harold Goodwin may have discovered it following the team's Super Bowl victory. According to ESPN's Seth Wickersham, Goodwin did not celebrate the Bucs' win or even sleep and was back in the office before 8am, grading Super Bowl film.

If Goodwin just loves his job, that's cool, but somebody shared this detail with Wickersham so that he would share it with the world. Whoever started the whole coaches live in their office thing deserves a spot in the Bad Place. How is this still being celebrated and treated like a good thing? The Bucs didn't win the Super Bowl because Bruce Arians showed up an average of 22 minutes earlier than Andy Reid every day this season.

In fact, how did the pandemic not change this mentality? They did a full NFL draft remotely. They practiced virtually and didn't play preseason games. Do people really not see that this coach sleeping in his office thing is all bullsh*t? You can watch the same film at 11am that you can at 7am.

What we need are further updates about when Goodwin next allows himself to sleep. Maybe never. Maybe he will just keep preparing. Then when the next head coaching vacancy comes up, that team will sit down and ask themselves, who sleeps the least? Anyone who slept last night - Tom Brady, Eric Bieniemy, Byron Leftwich or Todd Bowles, anyone - will be better rested, but less qualified.