Reporter Confuses Byron Leftwich For Todd Bowles During Post-Super Bowl LV Press Conference

Ryan Phillips
Byron Leftwich
Byron Leftwich /

During a post-Super Bowl LV press conference, a reporter screwed up big time. He mixed up two prominent members of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coaching staff, who both happen to be Black.

Offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich was taking questions via video conference, when a reporter named Michael Donaldson asked him about stopping Patrick Mahomes on the defensive side of the ball. Obviously, the unnamed questioner thought he was interviewing defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.

Here's video:

Frankly, Leftwich handled it about as well as he could by just laughing it off and moving on.

For reference, here is what the two men look like:

So, yeah, they look absolutely nothing alike.

Here's the thing, I know the Super Bowl has a lot of reporters covering who don't necessarily follow the teams involved very closely throughout the season, but dammit man, do the f***ing research. The very least you can do is know who your questions are directed to.

The Buccaneers smoked the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday night 31-9. Both Leftwich and Bowles performed superbly in guiding their respective units. They deserve to be recognized for it, not confused for one another.