Bryson DeChambeau Has Had a Long 24 Hours

Bryson DeChambeau
Bryson DeChambeau / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Bryson DeChambeau was not exactly on a roll when he finished Round 2 of the Wells Fargo Classic on Friday. The golfer known for his insane eating habits and propensity to hit golf balls a country mile (and then some) wrapped up the day at +3, making him +2 for the tournament and tied for 78th in the field. That is usually not nearly enough to make a cut at an event like this.

So, DeChambeau chose to beat the traffic and packed up his stuff to head back to Dallas to prepare for next week's tournament. Makes sense, especially for a guy like DeChambeau who micromanages every second of his life in order to maximize performance. Every minute spent waiting around for results is a minute wasted, after all. He hopped on a private plan and was headed back to Texas when he received some unfortunate news.

It turns out that DeChambeau had made the cut, virtue of some poor play from his fellow golfers. He jumped from 78th to the low 60s while his flight was en route. When DeChambeau landed, it was official that he made the cut and he had to turn around and fly right back to Charlotte to play in Round 3 on Saturday. He had to switch crews and everything. It was a bit of a debacle.

Then the man comes in and plays a great round of golf, finishing at -3 for the day this afternoon. For a time, this put him in the running for the top spot, but by the end of the round he was in 32nd on the leaderboard. Still, not too shabby for a guy who just had to make a round-trip flight to Dallas because he thought he wasn't going to be playing further this weekend. Here's DeChambeau's breakdown of the events:

May as well laugh about it. DeChambeau jumped the gun and is still playing pretty well, all things considered.

He'll have to play out of his mind on Sunday to jump to the top and complete an extremely improbable victory; at the time of writing, Gary Woodland is sitting in first at -7, with a big group behind him tied at -6. DeChambeau is only -1 for the tournament. But as he learned very recently, never say never!