Bryson DeChambeau Tried to Drive a Par-5 Twice But Failed

Bryson DeChambeau.
Bryson DeChambeau. / Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Bryson DeChambeau's attempted transformation into Happy Gilmore continued today when DeChambeau tried to drive the 555-yard, Par-5 sixth hole at Bay Hill ahead of the Arnold Palmer invitational. As DeChambeau said before uncorking his attempt, "everybody wants to see this," and he was damn right. We've been waiting 25 years to see someone match Gilmore's prowess off the tee and even Sandler's recent reprisal of the role wasn't enough to satisfy our unquenchable thirst for the long ball.

Unfortunately for DeChambeau and those of us rooting for him, he is not a fictional charter in a movie and wasn't able to hit the green in one. In fact, he tried to reach the green twice off the tee but failed each time. What a shame.

While the hole measures 555 yards, it's around 350 yards to carry the water and reach the green in a straight shot. No one would attempt such a risky, I mean, herculean and heroic shot in a tournament because the risk doesn't outweigh the reward. That's why DeChambeau tried it during a practice round, just to see the results. According to Brentley Romine, both shots fell well short of clearing the water.

A 15-MPH wind was partially to blame and DeChambeau said he would try the shot in a tournament if there was more favorable wind. If that happens and DeChambeau lands one on the green, we'll all be happy knowing fictional movies can become reality. Or perhaps not with movies like Terminator and Aliens also out there. Guess it's a pick-your-poison kinda thing.