Bryson DeChambeau is Ready to Be Loved

Bryson DeChambeau
Bryson DeChambeau / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Bryson DeChambeau had a great weekend as the United States won the Ryder Cup for just the third time in the 21st Century. DeChambeau played well and turned boos into what at times could only be described as adoration. DeChambeau hit the ball far and with a patriotic backdrop American golf fans were forced to admit that what he can do - hit the crap out of the ball - is incredibly awesome to both watch and root for.

While his 417-yard drive on Friday was probably his coolest shot, his drive on the first hole yesterday should be just as legendary. He flexed for the fans, drove the green, raised his putter and then walked up and made eagle to win the first hole.

That's good golf stuff! Bryson went on to win his match against Sergio Garcia, 3&2, as the United States won, 19-9. After victory was secured, Bryson had a handshake and hug with his rival Brooks Koepka.

If they had left it at that, it would have gone a long way to smoothing things over in the public eye. At the very least they can act like adults. But they didn't leave it there. Later during the press conference DeChambeau called Brooks down for a picture and a more friendly embrace as everyone cheered.

I'm not sure if anyone really learned anything this weekend besides there's nothing actively bad about this other person, but it seems like it. Maybe fans learned to love Bryson DeChambeau and maybe DeChambeau figured out how to be loved.

Bryson DeChambeau
43rd Ryder Cup - Singles Matches / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

What's not to love?