Bryson DeChambeau Hates When Fans Say 'Let's Go Brooksy'

The Memorial Tournament - Round One
The Memorial Tournament - Round One / Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Bryson DeChambeau's skin is apparently thinner than wax paper. On Friday at The Memorial, a number of fans were yelling, "let's go Brooksy" at DeChambeau. He and his caddie apparently pointed out each one of them and had them removed from the tournament by police.

That tweet has since been backed up by The Athletic's Cleveland Browns reporter Zac Jackson:

This line from fans could be a reference to this video, where DeChambeau got visibly angry when a fan confused him with rival Brooks Koepka:

Or fans could just be letting DeChambeau know they like Koepka more and want to heckle him.

We've long documented the feud between Koepka and DeChambeau and fans at The Memorial are letting Bryson know which side they've taken. In turn, DeChambeau is having those spectators escorted from the event. While the feud is currently the best thing golf has going for it, DeChambeau is crossing a line by escalating it in this way.

If Bryson is trying to win over fans he's going about it in entirely the wrong way. If he played this off and laughed about it, or joked with those yelling at him, he might win them over. Instead he's chosen to live down to his reputation.

So, you know, definitely don't say "let's go Brooksy" when you see DeChambeau. We'd never encourage you to do such a thing. Especially not at a golf tournament. Nope. Don't do it.

UPDATE: We've got more confirmation that DeChambeau is, in fact, doing this: