Bryce Harper: Nationals Hecklers Crossed a Line Last Night

Philadelphia Phillies v Washington Nationals
Philadelphia Phillies v Washington Nationals / Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Bryce Harper was heckled mercilessly in Washington last night, which is par for the course there and, really, pretty much anywhere when you're a player of his stature. So it was a bit surprising to see him go on the record with a complaint that the jeering ran afoul of his personal standards for such antagonism.

This is one of the first times in sports history that an athlete has pined for the warm, cozy, family-friendly atmosphere of a Philadelphia ballpark. There are scores of people waking up to read Harper's quote in Bucks County that are going to pass out from the shock of how soft the once-proud city has become.

One can forgive D.C.-area fans for feeling big in their britches. Their side is headed to the playoffs while the Phillies are sitting at .500. Harper has rebounded from a down 2018 in his first year with his new club, but his efforts weren't enough to overcome some deficiencies elsewhere.

Interestingly enough, the highlight of Harper's season was shutting a heckler the hell up in San Francisco with an immediate and majestic home run. It goes to show that a person can only take so much guff and 81 away games really add up.