VIDEO: Bryce Harper Told Heckler to 'Shut the F*** Up' Just Before Hitting Grand Slam

Bobby Burack

Last night was quite the night for Bryce Harper. What is better than hitting a mammoth walk-off grand slam to beat the Cubs? Telling an annoying troll to, ” shut the f*** up” before hitting a walk-off grand slam:

By the way, even if Harper isn’t living up to expectations, and he isn’t, is saying out loud his massive 13-year, $330-million contract really an insult?  I don’t know, that sure wouldn’t irritate me too much. Not exactly high-level trolling, to say the least,

But if you are a Phillies’ fans, you are probably hoping this random heckler is in attendance more often. Because that result, the clap back and the grand slam was just too good.