Kevin Stefanski's Awful Television Experience Was Extremely Enjoyable

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski was relegated to watching his team's playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers from home due to COVID. It had to be acutely frustrating giving up all that control and just accept whatever images came flashing across his television screen via the NBC broadcast.

And while Adam Schefter did well to set the stage for such absurdity, it turns out he undersold just how unglamorous Stefanski's viewing experience would prove to be.

Because it sounds like he fell victim to the ol' televisions-not-on-the-same-timeline thing that's ruined many a sporting experience.

The struggle is so real. I still have visceral flashbacks to the 2005 Final Four where the drunks in the living room were groaning with each North Carolina bucket a solid 10 seconds before the rest of us crowded into the kitchen saw what occurred. Not only did the Spartans get run out of the gym, there was absolutely no fun to be had with the element of surprise eliminated.

That immediacy is essentially the reason live games are the most coveted inventory in all of television right now.

Of course, in Stefanski's case he had the enviable opportunity to continue down that disjointed road out of superstition. If I realized the televisions were off and my team raced out to a 28-0 lead, there wouldn't be enough money in the world for me to mess with that.

All signs point to the coach being on the Arrowhead sidelines next week, so this sill go down as an even more memorable experience than it was built to be prior to kick.