Kevin Stefanski's Viewing Experience for Browns-Steelers Sounds Depressing

Kevin Stefanski and Baker Mayfield.
Kevin Stefanski and Baker Mayfield. / Jason Miller/Getty Images

It's a shame Kevin Stefanski won't be able to coach the Browns in the playoff game he led them to because of his positive COVID test result earlier this week, but my gosh can't this guy figure out a less depressing viewing experience than this?

You can almost picture the scene unfolding in front of you. Browns, down by three points, driving for a winning or tying score in the final moments of regulation, and Stefanski, like some stoner living in his parent's basement at 38, sitting on his couch in the basement in stained sweatpants screaming at the television after Baker Mayfield throws an interception. Even worse, he won't even have his phone around to tweet out his disgust or laugh at the tweets condemning Mayfield. How can someone survive in those conditions?

I assume Stefanski wants to be alone because he doesn't want to hear the opinion of friends and family and likewise doesn't want to see any messages from them on his phone. Or perhaps he has a covert operation to coach from his basement and would prefer his friends and family to have plausible deniability in the event his scheme is uncovered. Either way, watching the NFL in your basement without anyone around to share in victory or defeat and no phone is a pretty sad scene to imagine for a man expected to be a top contender for NFL Coach of the Year.