The Brooklyn Nets Had the Best Schedule Reveal Video to Date

Nets Schedule Reveal Video
Nets Schedule Reveal Video /

A few years ago the social media teams for all sports organizations decided it was a priority to Win The Offseason whenever possible. Specifically, there's been an arms race to be the team that created the smartest, funniest, most clever schedule reveal video. Schedule reveals are blank canvasses upon which these social media teams can paint because it is so utterly mundane and was treated as such until quite recently. Now, in every sport's quest to remain relevant year-round, each team makes a spectacle of the whole thing.

In case you could not tell from my tone I am not the biggest fan of these schedule reveal bits. It was funny the first time the Chargers did it and then the concept got oversatured quickly. But dammit if the Brooklyn Nets didn't win me over with theirs, which dropped today in tandem with the NBA schedule release.

The Nets went to Coney Island, a beehive of humanity from all corners of the globe, and asked random people to identify the logos for every team other than the Nets. They took the funniest responses and played the NBA on TNT music over the logo with the dates the Nets were playing them. They did this 29 times and it was funny every single time.


Now it's only fair to acknowledge there was some cheating. I had trouble identifying that Pistons logo and I was born in Ypsilanti. The Celtics haven't used a straight three-leaf clover like that as their logo... ever? They stretched things a bit to get the funniest response. But that's okay because it worked. Every one was funny. The guy who insisted the Pelicans weren't the Pelicans and instead an alien consuming Coney Island was obviously the MVP.

This is an eternally reusable bit and as such other teams should continue to steal it - the Tennessee Titans originally came up with this bit a few months ago - because this is the only iteration of a schedule reveal I'll never get tired of watching.