Brian Kilmeade Had to Defend Donald Trump From a Sixth-Grader on 'FOX & Friends'

Brian Kilmeade versus a child.
Brian Kilmeade versus a child. /

Brian Kilmeade interviewed a small panel of children on FOX and Friends on Wednesday morning. Obviously, FOX's child booker will have to do a better job screening guests in the future because a sixth-grader put Kilmeade on the defensive about Donald Trump. And another nodded along as he did it!

The way the kid takes the question and changes the subject from what he misses about school to how the "new president" is doing a good job, as opposed to "the last president," is just classic cable news guest strategy. I think he prepared for this.

Kilmeade perhaps unprepared for this possibility, sounded a touch defensive in his response saying, "Really? That's, hard to believe because the last president was saying I want every kid back in school." He then moved on, but the damage was already done.

It's pretty clear that if a kid's parents don't have a Room Rater-approved background with at least one American flag, you just cannot put them live on FOX News.