FOX News' Brian Kilmeade Asks: Is Taking the COVID Vaccine Mike Pence's Elvis Moment?

Stephen Douglas
Elvis with a former President.
Elvis with a former President. / National Archives/Getty Images

Mike Pence got his COVID-19 vaccine on Friday morning on live television in an attempt to convince people that the medicine that stops the deadly virus is a good thing. On FOX News' morning show FOX & Friends, Brian Kilmeade asked Geraldo Rivera if this was Pence's "Elvis moment."

Now, I do understand where he was going with that. There are some wacky people out there who have been listening to Pence's administration and boss downplay coronavirus for the last nine months. Seeing Pence get the vaccination might convince some people it's a good idea. Of course, it could also open the door for more conspiracies, but that's for another website.

Let's just focus on the idea of Pence having an "Elvis moment." When you think classic Elvis back on the Ed Sullivan you think groundbreaking, dangerous and cool. (At least according to my great aunt.) Mike Pence ain't that. Not to mention Mrs. Pence would probably not like that comparison one bit.

Anyway, if Pence's Elvis Moment is one last hurrah for FOX News' coverage of the Trump White House, well, thank you. Thank you very much.