Reporter Tells Brian Kelly, 'Maybe If You Win I'll Be on Time"

Florida State v LSU
Florida State v LSU / Chris Graythen/GettyImages

The Brian Kelly Era at LSU got off to a rough start on Sunday as the Tigers lost to Florida State 24-23 after a late, chip shot field goal attempt was blocked. Things didn't get much better at Kelly's press conference on Tuesday.

The 60-year-old head coach made an opening statement, then as he opened the floor to questions he mentioned a "late arriving media crowd" and claimed those who were late owed him $10. The Baton Rouge Advocate's Leah Vann then piped up and said, "Maybe if you win I'll be on time."

Check it out:

Vann later took ownership of the remark, claiming she was cutting the press conference close after a doctor's appointment. She also said it was meant in jest and that Kelly took it as such. So this wasn't some dramatic moment.

Here is what she said about the exchange:

This was a really funny moment and a good exchange. In the end, it seems like there's no harm, no foul here. All in good fun.