LSU-Florida State Ending Was Absolutely Insane

Florida State v LSU
Florida State v LSU / Chris Graythen/GettyImages

College football season is back in full force and we got a full helping on Labor Day Weekend as the shadow of the NFL looms large. The weekend's NCAAF antics were capped off on Sunday evening with Brian Kelly's LSU debut as his Tigers took on the Florida State Seminoles. It was a great game that cranked things up several notches in the final two minutes and gave viewers an early contender for best ending of the season already.

The madness began when Florida State was forced to punt with just over two minutes to go. LSU, receiving the punt, was down a touchdown and had a great opportunity to tie everything up. But the Tigers muffed the punt (their second of the game), giving FSU the ball on the two-yard line.

If you replayed this scenario 100 times, Florida State would score a touchdown immediately and effectively end the game 99 times. This was that one time where the overwhelmingly likely possibility did not happen. Instead of scoring, the Seminoles fumbled and LSU regained possession.

The job isn't done for LSU yet, though. It's a one-score game but they need to march a full field to tie things up. Well, no problem! The Tigers did just that, with their long drive highlighted by a remarkable final sequence in which tight end Mason Taylor dove out of bounds at the two-yard line with one second remaining before Jayden Daniels hit Jaray Jenkins for a touchdown as time expired.

But we are not done yet! LSU scored as time expired and Brian Kelly was faced with a time-honored choice-- go for one and the tie or two and the win? Kelly chose to kick the extra point and go to overtime. A fine if lame choice normally. However, things did not go as planned, as you might've been able to guess. Florida State, unbelievably, blocked the extra point and ended the game.

Utterly bonkers. A tremendous ending to a tremendous game.