Brett Favre Makes Crazy Statement About Josh Allen Dominating AFC East Like Tom Brady

Josh Allen and Tom Brady hugging.
Josh Allen and Tom Brady hugging. / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Brett Favre has been seen around town recently in a variety of roles, most notably sporting a Tompa Bay jersey while appearing at a Bucs game as part of a yet-released NFL Films production.

Today he added a new feather in his cap: aspiring Skip Bayless hot take artist.

While appearing on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Favre said, with a straight face, that he believes Josh Allen will be the next Tom Brady and dominate the AFC East like the former Patriots quarterback did. To compare Allen to Brady is insane enough, but to say he'll dominate the AFC East in the same way might be even crazier, which is a pretty crazy statement in itself.

During his time with the Patriots, Brady went 86-22 against AFC East teams, throwing for 25,873 yards, 197 TDs, and 67 INTs. The Patriots won the division title 18 times over his 20 years with the Pats, and that includes the 2008 season when Brady tore his ACL in the season opener. Against the Bills alone, Brady went 32-3 during his time in New England.

That kind of divisional dominance has never been seen before in the NFL and likely will never be seen again. It takes a special franchise with a special quarterback and a special coach. Let me be clear: I'm not saying Allen and Bills coach Sean McDermott aren't special. I'm saying it's insane to think they can reach that level of dominance in the AFC East.

So far in his career, Allen is 6-6 against the AFC East, including an 0-3 mark against the Patriots. He's thrown for 2,683 yards, 20 TDs and 12 INTs. So for him and the Bills to reach Brady and the Patriots standards, all he has to do is go 80-16 in the division for the next 16 years. To match Brady's dominance against Buffalo, he simply has to never lose to the Patriots again. Only one issue: Even if he won the division every year, including this one, over the next 16 years, he still wouldn't have as many division titles as Brady.

As impressive as Brady's success against the rest of the NFL at large has been, his and the Patriots' dominance in the AFC East is probably their most insurmountable accomplishment. Allen has taken huge leaps forward this year, is an MVP contender, and looks the part of a franchise quarterback who could keep the Bills in contention for years to come. But to say him and the Bills will even dominate the AFC East half as much as Brady and the Patriots did is an insult to the legacy the latter built up north over two decades.