Breaking Down Floyd Mayweather's Next Hypothetical Opponent

Bobby Burack
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Via his Instagram, Floyd Mayweather claims he is coming out of retirement in 2020. It also appears UFC President Dana White is involved. That is the extent of what is known. If it's even true at all. But assuming this is more than Mayweather being bored and wanting his name back in the news after months of silence, there are some intriguing opponents for the 50-0 boxer to face. 

BetOnline released the following odds:

Clearly, this proves those in Vegas have no idea who Mayweather will next face off with as they included White in the odds. Which would do massive pay-per-view numbers, by the way.

Manny Pacquiao makes the most sense if Mayweather is truly interested in coming back to legitimately box. The rematch would not come close to the record-breaking numbers the first one did, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be an enormous payday for all parties involved. And with both fighters over 40, and Mayweather's inactivity, this would be a real 50-50 fight unlike the first one, which was falsely billed as such. I, however, do not agree with the odds that this is the most likely bout for Mayweather. There is no need for White and the UFC to be involved in MayPac 2, including White would only take money away from Mayweather, Pacquiao, and Al Haymon. White's involvement indicates this will be more of a spectacle featuring Mayweather against a non-boxer that doesn't put his unblemished record at risk.

It wouldn't be shocking to see a sequel with McGregor. Especially as McGregor's future is far from known. This bout would also result in the most pay-per-view buys. But could McGregor's ego handle a sixth professional fighting loss?

While matchups with Georges St-Pierre or Khabib Nurmagomedov wouldn't have all-time level hype, they would alter the sports world's schedule and be the most successful and discussed boxing matches of the year. Though, regardless of Mayweather's opponent, that would be the case. Thus Mayweather getting in the ring with some unknown fighter that looks the part and has no shot of competing will be in play here.

As far as Canelo Alvarez, even odds at +1000 are laughable. This rematch is not taking place. Canelo is too big, too strong, and too skilled for Mayweather at this point. Not only would Canelo hand Mayweather his first loss, it wouldn't even go the distance. Erase that idea now.

Luckily for fight fans, they should begin to hear potential opponents soon given that is the best route to give this aforementioned unretirement idea more juice.