Two Women Brawl in Concession Area at Braves Game

Two female Braves fans fight near concession area at Truist Park
Two female Braves fans fight near concession area at Truist Park /

Fan brawls have been all the rage this MLB season as we've seen dozens of confrontations in the stands. But on Wednesday night there was a twist. Two fans at an Atlanta Braves game brawled not in their seats, but in the concourse near a concession area. And instead of two drunk guys going at it, the combatants were both women.

Check this out:

I'll say this, the lady on the bottom nearly had her opponent locked in a nasty triangle choke. Unfortunately the Freddie Freeman fan on top managed to just wriggle out, or she might have tapped out. That thing looked like it was sunk in deep.

Perhaps the best part of this video is the woman in the grey shirt who exits the bathroom in the background at the five second mark and manages to stop and pose behind the fight. Then she walks around the duel on the ground and edges herself in front a few feet from the camera at the 18-second mark. It was truly some wonderful videobombing.

The real shame of the fight is these women missed an incredible comeback by the Braves, who beat the Cincinnati Reds 8-6 in 11 innings. With the score 6-5 and two outs in the bottom of the 11th, Ozzie Albies hit a three-run home run to win it and send the Atlanta faithful home happy. Well, all of them except the die-hard Freeman fan who was cuffed in the wake of this brawl.

This isn't the first all-female fight we've seen this season. Back in May, several women got in a fight in the bleachers during a Chicago White Sox-St. Louis Cardinals game.

The ladies can definitely scrap too.