South Carolina Fans Chanted 'Lock Him Up' at Brandon Miller, Fought in the Stands

Brandon Sumrall/GettyImages

Alabama's freshman phenom Brandon Miller played in last night's game against South Carolina even though a lot of people thought he shouldn't. Miller allegedly delivered a gun used by former teammate Darius Miles to murder Jamea Jonae Harris, according to Tuscaloosa Police and his status with the team has been a hot-button issue ever since Nate Oats fumbled his first opportunity to address the new public revelations. It appears that the second-ranked Crimson Tide will forge ahead with their best player for now and deal with the repercussions of that decision every time they are on the road.

Gamecocks faithful provided a glimpse of what that might look like and it's pretty uncomfortable for everyone involved. For instance, here's the crowd chanting "lock him up" with Miller at the free-throw line.

And here's a fight in the stands that broke out after one of those chants, which was so violent that the game had to be delayed while arena bouncers got involved.

Miller just happened to put on one of the most impressive individual performances of the year, scoring 41 points and delivering the game-winner with 0.9 seconds remaining in overtime.

This situation feels like it will be the No. 1 story headed into the NCAA Tournament. And if yesterday was an indication, it will be rough to watch pundits and announcers try to figure out how to contextualize Miller's off-court situation with his play on it. There are some tweets floating around highlighting the vague language used and, honestly, it seems a bit unfair. People are only speaking about this on live television and trying to build a bridge to the second they can stop talking about it and move on to Miller's mid-range game because Alabama has forced them into it.