Nate Oats, Alabama Knew Brandon Miller's Connection to Murder Case

Ryan Phillips
Georgia v Alabama
Georgia v Alabama / Brandon Sumrall/GettyImages

On Tuesday, Alabama head coach Nate Oats admitted that he was fully aware Brandon Miller supplied a gun to a former teammate, who then allegedly used it to shoot a woman. So to repeat: the head coach of the No. 2 college basketball team in the nation was fully aware his star freshman supplied a murder weapon to a teammate. As a side note, Miller is projected to be a top five pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. This is one of the most shocking sports stories we've heard in a while.

Court records revealed that Brandon Miller brought Darius Miles the weapon used to kill Jamea Jonae Harris. When asked about that development, Oats revealed he knew about it the entire time. Miles was arrested and charged with murder on January 15.

Here's what Oats said:

It's incredible how matter-of-fact his response is. It's almost like he's saying, "Of course I knew my likely first-team All-American freshman provided a weapon used in a murder. What, do you think I don't have control of my program?"

I'm not quite sure what to even think about this. It's absolutely insane.