Bowling For Soup and Thomas Ian Nicholas Made an 'American Pie' Version of '1985' Called '1999'

Thomas Ian Nicholas, Alyson Hannigan and Jason Biggs
Thomas Ian Nicholas, Alyson Hannigan and Jason Biggs / Scott Gries/GettyImages

Henry Rowengartner wrote a song about American Pie. There's really no other way to say it. Actor (and musician) Thomas Ian Nicholas, who starred in Rookie of the Year and played Kevin in the American Pie movies, has recorded a parody of Bowling For Soup's hit "1985" called "1999" and it's all about the events of the first American Pie movie, which was released on July 9, 1999.

The song was born back in December when Nicholas was a guest on lead singer Jaret Reddick's pocast. The two discussed a version of the song about the movie and Nicholas went and wrote it. Bowling For Soup helped record it and they debuted it at a show in Chicago, where Nicholas wore a Henry Rowengartner jersey to sing. A good friend of the site was there to capture video as they explained the song's origins.

Nicholas appeared on Daytime Chicago on Friday morning to promote the new song and tease his appearance at the Bowling For Soup show.

Something I learned while putting together this post was that "1985" was originally written and recorded by SR-71. They released the song in May 2004 on an album that was only available in Japan. Then Bowling For Soup recorded it shortly after and released it on their own album in September 2004 and the song became a hit in America. So the most fitting thing would be for someone else from the original cast to record a cover of "1999" with SR-71 and have it chart. Might we suggest Jim's dad?