Blake Griffin is Back

Blake Griffin celebrates a dunk.
Blake Griffin celebrates a dunk. / Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Blake Griffin is officially back. Griffin dunked for the first time in 23 months on Sunday during a Brooklyn Nets win over the Washington Wizards. Griffin finished with just those two points, but we should look at Griffin turning back the clock as a good thing. Hopefully, this won't turn into Tony Hawk landing one final 540. If this is the first sign that Griffin can recapture just a tiny bit of that magic, well that should make us all feel a little younger.

Griffin's last dunk before this weekend came on April 22, 2019 during Game 4 of a Milwaukee Bucks' playoff sweep of the Detroit Pistons. Griffin played in two games, averaging 24.5 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists a game. Today's world would be virtually unrecognizable to someone back then. From Blake Griffin in a Nets jersey to James Harden in a Nets jersey to Kyrie Irving in a Nets jersey to Kevin Durant in a Nets jersey, the list goes on.

Who knows how much Griffin will actually be able to contribute once he and the team consider him healthy and ready to play without limitations. All we know for certain is that the NBA uploaded Griffin's top 28 career dunks four full years ago and haven't felt the need to update it since.

If Griffin can add just one more highlight to this mix, it was all worth it. Even if he never becomes the guy who was jumping over small cars and finding himself in Space Jam 2 rumors, having just a little flash of that Blake Griffin is something the world needs right now.