Blake Griffin Is Not a Victim of the "Kardashian Curse," But Space Jam Might Be


Blake Griffin sprained his MCL earlier this week and will likely miss two months. Since Griffin is dating Kendall Jenner, some people are blaming the injury on the “Kardashian curse.” Mostly, those people are Twitter users and some gossip blogs.

Hollywood Life “reported” just last week that the more superstitious players on the Clippers were worried about the curse during a losing streak, but the MCL injury really worried them. Although, another site, Gossip Cop, had a source that said the Clippers didn’t blame the Kardashian curse. The most confusing part of all of this is that the National Enquirer reported back in September that Jenner had been banned from the NBA. Or just the Clippers. (All the cool teams ban Kardashians.)

This is, of course, ridiculous. Not because the Kardashians don’t have a proud history of ruining basketball players, but because come on, this is Blake Griffin we’re talking about. Blake Griffin’s bad luck did not start with a date.

Blake Griffin was drafted by the Los Angeles Clippers when they were owned by Donald Sterling. He then missed his entire rookie season with a stress fracture that required surgery after it wouldn’t heal properly. After a few years of good health he has missed 15 or more games every season since ’14-’15. He suffered playoff-ending injuries in both the ’16 and ’17 postseasons. Unless Blake has been dating an over-exposed reality television star in secret since she was a teenager, you can’t blame this on that curse.

It’s much more likely that this has to do with some sort of Space Jam curse. It was April 2014 when Blake first participated in a live reading of the script. Who knows how long before that he wanted to remake a bad movie? He probably liked it as a kid or something.

Of course, LeBron hasn’t had any injury problems since he was first rumored to be part of Space Jam 2. Heck, he even won a title in Cleveland… but then a Kardashian showed up in his teammate’s life and he hasn’t won a title since. Could the Kardashians actually be preventing Space Jam 2? Is that the real Kardashian curse? If so, thank you Kardashians. Who knew they were actually the heroes of these stories?