Bills Mafia Table-Breaking Initiation Goes Horribly Wrong


The Buffalo Bills fanbase is a complicated coalition. A collection of insane football fans who have forged an identity as a group of people who sacrifice their bodies for the enjoyment of their group by diving onto folding tables. This, for better or worse, is the Bills Mafia.

While their shenanigans are mostly cheeky and fun, there's a certain level of danger involved when you're trying to break things with your body. And sometimes things go wrong. Like what happened to this small woman when she tried to get in on the fun before yesterday's Bills - Colts game. Who knew a 26-point loss at home wouldn't be the worst thing that would happen to a Buffalo fan on Sunday.

She was getting up at the end of the video so you know she's not dead. Still, the thud of the head hitting the table as the male friend throws her about three feet short of his target... oof. The collective "oooh" from the people who see and hear it as they ever so briefly think it was a bad idea before going back to cheering and drinking light beers. And the two guys standing around the table acting as half-assed spotters who do absolutely nothing?

GIF by FOX International Channels - Find & Share on GIPHY

Long live the Bills Mafia. However unlikely that may be.