Fan Slammed Through Table at Bills-Themed Wedding


Bills Mafia will be back and crazier than every in 2021 as the Buffalo Bills will allow fans to congregate at their stadium for the first time since 2019 with their best team on the field in a long time. Presumably, the fans' assaults on folding tables of all kinds will return in full force as well.

If the below video is any indication, that is a good bet. In what appears to be a Bills-themed wedding party, a guest was slammed through a table by the DJ at the behest of the groom.

There's some good jersey-watching to be had here. I'm pretty sure the guy who went through the table is wearing a Mario Williams jersey. Remember him? There are also a surprising amount of Stevie Johnson jerseys. I am shocked that there aren't more Kyle Williams jerseys. That guy is a legend.

The video is really a period piece of Buffalo Bills fandom. Random assorted jerseys from the handful of fan favorites to come through upstate New York in the last 15 years plus a sea of Josh Allen jerseys, the savior himself.