Bill Simmons Slams Richard Sherman - Skip Bayless TV Disaster: "Everyone Lost. Including ESPN."


Richard Sherman of the Seahawks is the latest athlete to blast ESPN loudmouth Skip Bayless on the network’s reprehensible show, First Take, telling the clown, “I’m better at life than you.” It was ugly, awkward, almost cringe-worthy television, which is basically what First Take is. The show’s goal is simple – dance around the race issue (or simply drop N-Bombs), “debate” the NBA/NFL (you’ll be able to count the number of baseball topics this summer on one hand), and attempt to lure athletes onto the show so they can destroy Bayless and then the internet can buzz. Mission accomplished!

The show’s racial component is disturbing, and has been for some time. While many at ESPN privately loathe the show and how the debate nonsense has encroached onto Sportscenter, few (none?) are willing to come out and take shots at the show.

ESPN’s Bill Simmons – who is close with the brains behind First Take, Jamie Horowitz – tweeted his thoughts on the train wreck early Friday morning:

Well, then.

What is most likely to happen next:

A) Simmons fields a call from the suits in Bristol, is told to put a cork in it.
B) Simmons fields a call from the suits in Bristol and fires back that he’s not going to stop, and the show is a bad look for the network.
C) Simmons fields a call from Horowitz wondering, “what’s up, man?” and Simmons says, “come on, you know that was embarrassing.”
D) This was the tipping point: Agents (many who follow Bill Simmons on twitter) steer their clients clear of the First Take mess thanks to the Simmons spotlight.

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