I Almost Passed Out When I Read This Pete Thamel Tweet About the Big Ten

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Big Ten may be postponing the football season today. The past 24 hours have been tumultuous with media reports trickling out that university presidents had already voted to pull the plug and coaches and players naturally fighting back against that event horizon. In the five months since Rudy Gobert tested positive and the sports world foretold of the chaotic real world to come, untold man hours have been spent trying to figure out just how in the hell to get the games we love back in action — a majority of it done gratis from those with no real skin outside of fandom in the game.

So there is simply no way that this reporting from Yahoo's Pete Thamel could mean what we're all taking it to mean. There's simply no way that the first hypothetical discussions among Big Ten decision-makers as to what would happen if the season were pushed to the spring came ... last night.

That would shake even the most weathered and broken man to his very core. One could not conceive of a world in which that was possible, even as the world conspires to make every unimaginable nightmare become not only extremely possible, but likely.

No one should have to see a tweet like that and ponder its ramifications. Sometimes I want to quit this all and become an accountant now. But I'm no good at math and besides the dollar is down.

The vague "Big Ten" Thamel is referring to must be a rhetorical device meaning that though these conversations have been widespread throughout the conference on various levels, this marks the first time these specific individuals have rolled up their sleeves in order to dive into the issue.

If not, God help us all.