Dan Patrick: Big 10, Pac-12 Will Cancel Their College Football Seasons

Dan Patrick
Dan Patrick /

The time of reckoning appears to have come for college football. On Monday morning, many college-athletes (including high-profile names like Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields) posted unified messages to social media that demanded the players have a say in how the season might go forward, if there's to be one at all.

Dan Patrick brought some big news this morning on his show, where he reported the Big 10 and the Pac-12 are going to cancel their seasons tomorrow. The SEC, meanwhile, is trying to see if other teams or conferences will join them in an attempt to put on a football season, regardless of what the other conferences might do.

To this point, the situation around the Power Five conferences has felt like a row of dominoes. Once one cancels, the rest will follow. If the Big 10 and the Pac-12 do become the first to make the leap, it's easy to imagine the ACC and the Big 12 doing the same in short order. That's what should happen, anyway, given that the circumstances surrounding the threat of COVID-19 have not improved over the last few months.

But could the SEC actually go in alone this season? Patrick said they were looking into exclusive television contracts in that scenario. How much would the conference make if they were exclusive distributors of the only college football to be seen on television this fall, even with the backdrop that going in alone probably means it's a really bad idea?

Events are unfolding quickly now. Decisions must be made as soon as possible to mitigate consequences. If Patrick is right, we'll know everything we need to in only a few days' time.