Best NFL Plays of Week 12

David Njoku
David Njoku / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

Week 12 in the NFL had no shortage of great plays. Some came just in time to decide games while others swung momentum at a crucial moment. Here are the five best.

Best NFL Plays of Week 12

5. Treylon Burks Has the Hustle

Burks was selected in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft. It took him until Week 12 to record his first touchdown. He did not score because he was bigger or stronger or had better hands than his opposition. He scored because he chased after Derrick Henry on an extremely long screen pass and simply happened to be right in place to recover Henry's fumble. A wild sequence ending in a milestone moment for the rook that serves as the everlasting reminder that hustle is always rewarded.

4. Brian Robinson, Rumbling and Stumbling

The leader in the clubhouse for this week's Angry Runs awards, Robinson trucked over numerous defenders to score in a manner Chris Berman definitely loved. All of it is made more cool by Robinson's story and the fact that he managed to recover from multiple gunshot wounds suffered in August to be doing this in a critical November game for his team. Also, he has big hats.

3. DeAndre Hopkins and the Greatest Four-Yard Catch of All Time

All enjoyers of football should be glad DeAndre Hopkins is back in our lives after missing the first 10 games of the year due to a PED suspension because there is no one with hands like his in this league. What other receiver will make you ooh and ahh on a four-yard grab? Only Hopkins. The best hands of a generation, right there.

2. Davante Adams, How Did You Do That?

Adams played a large role in helping propel the Raiders' offense to 40 points this week but it was this unbelievable snag that felt like his masterpiece of the day. He barely even needed a hand to pull it off. He just pinned the ball against his chest. A ball coming down from the sky very, very quickly. We've all tried to do that at some point and failed. Adams did it in a have-to-have-it situation with full pads on and made it look real easy.

1. David Njoku Ties It Up With One Hand

The Browns were facing fourth-and-goal with under a minute to go and needed a touchdown to tie up the game against Tom Brady. David Njoku delivered in his team's greatest time of need and did so in style with an epic one-handed grab that will go down as one of the coolest clutch plays of the year.