Video Showing Some Sort of Brace on Joe Burrow's Hand Mysteriously Disappears

Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Sports teams want to win but they also need to produce content, even if it's as boring as a team getting off a bus or some other unremarkable thing. Sometimes these two overarching goals run in opposition. Like yesterday, when the Cincinnati Bengals posted very boring footage of the team getting from Point A to Point B before a Thursday Night Football divisional war with the Baltimore Ravens. The post doesn't exist anymore and some eagle-eyed sleuths believe they may know why.

Get in the Oliver Stone JFK mindset and look carefully at Joe Burrow's right hand. See how it goes back and to the left? See also how there's some type of brace or sleeve on his right wrist?

The Bengals have not reported any type of Burrow injury on his throwing arm. And the post could have been taken down for any number of reasons. Burrow could be wearing one of those cool sweatshirt things that go over your hand like skateboarders used to wear in 2000. Or there's a massive coverup going on and you should hammer the Ravens tonight.

So we don't know anything except that a video got memory-holed. Could be absolutely nothing. Probably is absolutely nothing. But a small chance it's something.