Belmont Stakes Ticket Prices: How Much Does It Cost to Get In?

155th Belmont Stakes - Previews
155th Belmont Stakes - Previews / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

The 2023 Belmont Stakes will take place on Saturday, June 10. There isn't quite as much drama this time around with no horse going for the Triple Crown; Mage won the Kentucky Derby but National Treasure won the Preakness Stakes. The interest therefore lies in whether one can capture two of the three possible legs for a Triple Crown. And general interest in one of the three premier horse races of the year, of course.

This year's Belmont Stakes were nearly postponed due to the air quality in New York but fortunately things cleared up in time to run as scheduled. Post time is at 7:02 p.m. ET. Forte is currently the betting favorite at 5-2 odds, followed by Tapit Trice (3-1) and Angel of Empire (7-2). The aforementioned Preakness winner, National Treasure, comes in at 5-1.

The more important topic, however, is the subject of this here article: how much does it cost to attend the Belmont Stakes?

General admission to the Belmont Stakes is $142 per ticket. The clubhouse box seats, situated above the finish line and Winner's Circle, start at $500 before taxes and fees are added on. If you really want to ball out and go for trackside seating, which comes with its own dining tent, betting area, and televisions, it's $902 per ticket.

Not quite the levels of extravagance the Kentucky Derby boasted, but certainly not cheap, either.