Baltimore Ravens Swag Surfed on the Kansas City Chiefs

Rob Carr/GettyImages

Lamar Jackson showcased the type of otherworldly escapability and magic that will officially earn him a second Most Valuable Player award during a must-answer drive in the AFC Championship Game. The Baltimore Ravens quarterback shook himself out of a sack, spun around, and floated a perfect touchdown pass to Zay Flowers from 30 yards out to knot the score at 7-7. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more impressive play.

After the score, several Ravens players participated in a well-choreographed swag surf because if you can't have fun with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line, when can you?

Now, swag surfing aficionados know that this is a little dance the Kansas City Chiefs have been doing this year. Taylor Swift even participates. Enough people noticed that some sports blogs trolled for SEO posts by explaining what it was.

It's all very stupid. But kind of fun. Football. Celebrities. Best sports day of the year.