Are Luka Doncic and Devin Booker the NBA's Next Great Rivalry?

Dallas Mavericks v Phoenix Suns
Dallas Mavericks v Phoenix Suns / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

The Dallas Mavericks beat the Phoenix Suns 113-86 Thursday night to force Game 7 in their second-round NBA playoff series. The winner of Sunday's game moves on, while the loser will have a lot to think about. Specifically, who has the upper hand in a possible Luka Doncic - Devin Booker rivalry. These two have the potential and chemistry to have entertaining battle for the next decade.

Through six games the two have shown a serious penchant for petty sh*t, but also seem to both quietly enjoy it. The most notable moment was when Devin Booker took a foul and fell down on the baseline. He remained on the floor for a few seconds before popping back up with a smile and saying, "the Luka special."

Asked about it, Luke said, "I don't really care. It's alright." They also had a moment during the game where Booker snatched the ball from Luka and they exchanged words.

Things went to another level in Game 6 as Luka asserted himself and the Mavericks tied the series. After a bucket and a foul Luka flexed. The two exchanged words with smiles on their faces.

Booker is 25. Luka is 23. You know Mark Cuban isn't going to let Luka go. So the only thing that could prevent the Suns and Mavs doing this for years is the Phoenix Suns' hatred of spending money when Booker is a free agent in two years.

These two look like they should be going back and forth for years. Who wouldn't want to watch that?