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Arch Manning Highlight Makes 'First Take' Wonder If He's the Best Manning Ever

By Stephen Douglas
Jun 8, 2021, 10:50 AM EDT
Arch Manning at Clemson football camp.

Arch Manning is the top quarterback prospect in the class of 2023. That means he's still just 16 years-old and won't be eligible for the NFL draft until 2026. That is five full years away and he's never played against competition above the high school ranks. Still, he had a viral video of a good throw over the weekend so First Take had to ask if he would be the best Manning ever.

That's Arch's uncles Petyon Manning and Eli Manning as well as his grandfather, Archie Manning. Archie, the least successful of the three, was a two-time Pro Bowler who was in the NFL for over a decade. Eli won two Super Bowls and made four Pro Bowls in 16 seasons. Peyton won two Super Bowls, five MVP awards, made 14 Pro Bowls and is one of the five best quarterbacks to ever live. Honestly, if Arch can crack the top three of the list of the best Mannings of all-time, that would be a heck of an accomplishment.

Low-key, the best part of that graphic is the "yet" which implies there could be more, better Mannings on the way. (It does appear that Eli's youngest child is a son, so watch your back, Arch.)

Anyway, here's the single highlight from a Clemson football camp that had the Internet and First Take producers salivating.

I'm not saying you can totally make a case based off that one throw, but he's only 9,380 NFL passes behind Peyton so who knows?