Appalachian State Fans Allegedly Told Marshall Players They Should Kill Themselves


Appalachian State defeated Marshall last night in Boone in a thrilling 31-30 contest. The Mountaineers scored 10 unanswered points in the fourth quarter and benefited from a friendly home whistle to remain unbeaten in the Sun Belt. It was a crushing loss for the Thundering Herd, who had to make their way past a bunch of loud App State fans on the way to the visiting locker room. This created an opportunity for fans to do what they always do: be the absolute worst.

General hooting and hollering comes with the territory. As with every case, the loudmouths berating players would never do it to their face if there was an honest chance at having to answer for it. Hopefully, we're at a place where no one feels the need to defend heckling in the form of telling someone to kill themselves, although we're not entirely optimistic. Maybe they'll take an end run and claim that because that specific claim is not abundantly clear in the video. That will be productive.

Not a day goes by without video emerging of fans fighting each other. The NBA was thrown into crisis with incident after incident during its season. This isn't specific to what happened last night because it will keep happening. Over and over and over again.

Always worth realizing how messed up this stuff is. How insane it looks in the cold, sober light of day.