Antonio Brown Announces Retirement Again, Previews Upcoming Rap Album

Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Antonio Brown saga has quietly continued this offseason as a backdrop to the much bigger issues of far more import. The troubled wideout has reportedly been under Seattle's microscope as they continue to evaluate whether or not they want to bring him into the fold, and the Baltimore Ravens had brief internal discussion about bringing him on as well given his relation to current Ravens wideout Marquise Brown.

Mercifully, everything might finally be coming to an end. Brown appeared to announce his retirement on Twitter on Monday afternoon, although (as is often the case) the tweets are vague enough to leave some room for interpretation. Also, his last retirement didn't last very long.

Brown last retired in September after he went on a Twitter tirade bashing Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots following his release from the organization. He tried to take it back four days later. Brown is also still under investigation for the claims of sexual assault made by his former trainer, and will be facing a suspension if he did wind up on an NFL roster in 2020.

Following his tweets about retirement, Brown cryptically tweeted "Himmothy" and then sent out a link to a preview of what seems to be a full rap album he made. It is unclear if the album is titled Himmothy or Himothy.