Anthony Davis Is Already Getting Insulting Nicknames, Being Compared to the Ice Cream Machine at McDonald's

Justin Tafoya/GettyImages

We are exactly one (1) game into the Los Angeles Lakers' season and they are delivering the content for the people who need the content. There was that weird thing between D'Angelo Russell and LeBron James during their opening-night loss. And there was Anthony Davis, one of the best players on the face of the planet at times, going scoreless in the second half. On First Take, Stephen A. Smith called the performance "atrocious" and tried to get that Six Flags nickname he's pushing for the big man.

Colin Cowherd, king of similes, couldn't help but notice that Davis is a lot like the milkshake machine at McDonald's — amazing when it works, but that's about 50 percent of the time.

One game! It's been one game. There are 81 more. One has to be worried about the unreasonable pace that's being established for critiques. The NBA is so back, though.

This may be a contrarian take but I actually like that the the ice cream machine at McDonald's isn't a sure thing. It makes you appreciate the times it is working even more.