Are Andy Reid's Plain White Sneakers Really Fire Emoji-Worthy?

NFL Combine
NFL Combine / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

Chiefs coach Andy Reid wore the Supreme x Nike Air Force 1s at the NFL combine and they were fire emoji, Sports Illustrated reported this morning on Twitter. These fire emoji images of plain white sneakers with a little red rectangle were credited toTucker D. Franklin, content manager for KC Sports Network. A look through Franklin's Twitter reveals that the images are a week old and SI was not the first to be taken back by just how fire they were.

Nice Kicks noted how nice the kicks were yesterday, also rating them one fire emoji in two separate tweets.

Last Thursday Complex's sneakers vertical posted the photos with two alarms to let everyone know there was a sneaker emergency that everyone had to check out.

The Sporting News, crediting Complex, also gave the sneakers a fire emoji, but also threw in the eyes emoji, taking things to a whole other level.

This is where we point out that Franklin simply took a picture and correctly identified the sneakers. No editorializing unless you want to argue whether or not Reid was truly rocking these shoes.

Now, as for this footwear choice... they're just white sneakers. They look like every other pair of white sneakers. Still, they're like $200 white sneakers because they have that Supreme logo. StockX, a sneaker marketplace, called the sneakers a "casual flex" in a tweet just yesterday. Of course, they were promoting a picture of Reid wearing - sorry, rocking - the kicks back during Super Bowl week.

It seems that Andy Reid's drip has been out of control for at least a month now. Though similar white Air Force 1s did not get quite the same reaction two years ago without that little red logo. Hard to tell why.

If you'd like to look like Andy Reid, it appears there's a pair of the Air Force 1 Lows with the Supreme Logo available for $144 on StockX right now. Better hurry before someone tweets alarm fire eyeballs about them and the price goes up.