Andreas Bloc Blew a Seven-Point Lead at the Sochi Olympics Because He Forgot to Tuck


There was a new episode of Succession last night, but don't let that distract from the fact that Swedish ski jumper Andreas Bloc blew a seven-point lead at the Sochi Winter Games. "Another lifetime," Bloc will tell you if you ask about him nearly winning a bronze in 2014. He'd rather you focus on the present, where he is the Director of Communications for GoJo, but the truth is he will never live down those darn tenths of a second.

In fact, the corproate scuttlebutt is that Bloc is a possible choker. It was that and not the windy conditions at the RusSki Gorki Jumping Centre that cost him a medal. Everyone knows he couldn't catch Poland's Kamil Stoch, who won gold in both the Normal Hill Individual and Large Hill Individual competitions. But if he was as good at ski jumping as he wants you to believe he is at comms, well then he easily could have held off Slovenia's Peter Prevc for the bronze in the Large Hill or Norway's Anders Bardal in the Normal Hill. That was almost huge.

Sure, he’s young and fit, but he’s European. And soft. Hammocked in his social security safety net. Sick on vacation mania and free health care. This is why he couldn't bring home the bronze. He thinks he's a Viking, but Hugo Baker was raised by wolves.