Just In: Football Shaped Like a Sub Sandwich, Per Amazon


With precious few hours remaining before football really kicks off, it's important to remember that people are hopped up on the prospect of sitting sedentary and watching an absurd amount of pigskin over the next four months. It's a fluid situation and we should know by now that some stuff is going to come flying in our direction that we didn't expect, especially as content creators fire shot after shot hoping something hits the mark while the iron's hot. Even still, nothing has prepared this blog for the back-to-back days of fascination in terms of the shape of a football

Hot on the heels of Adam Schefter delivering breaking Football Pizza news, Amazon Prime has released this video with the NFL and Wilson showcasing a new ball engineered exclusively for Thursday Night Football.


Russell Wilson also posted a video of him throwing the fancy new ball, which just so happens to look like the bread one would stuff delicious meats and cheeses into.

I will admit being as confused as the cameraperson when Wilson asked if they got something on camera. This is obviously a joke because the NFL couldn't just use a different football for Thursday Night Football games as native advertising for Amazon. Or could they?

Part of me says, sure, hell, whatever, use a different ball every game just to mess with gamblers. It'd be very fun to watch the public meltdowns of someone who had the Lions-Bears under before discovering they were using one of those Vortex footballs John Elway threw over the mountains. Or to see Patriots fans lose it when the Colts got to use slightly under-inflated numbers. Play football with a basketball.

Anyway, I'm not entirely sure the goal of this announcement but here's some free media so congratulations.