Just In: Papa John's Football Pizza, Per Adam Schefter

Kyle Koster

In a different world this 13-second video of ESPN's NFL insider Adam Schefter shilling Papa John's new Football Pizza may have spurred a lengthy thinkpiece about the ever-blurring lines between journalism and commerce on this nation's sports blogs. And I don't know if it's deterioration of the genre or just your general malaise on a Monday morning that's to blame, but you're not getting that here. What you're getting is an honest appreciation for every choice Schefter makes while delivering this news because Hollywood's finest directors could not have improved on a single note.

The harried, rushed "Just in" at the beginning. The perfect box flip. The genuine wonder of saying "football pizza" with a combination of sheer joy and the incredulousness from an I Can't Believe It's Not Butter commercial. The foodstuff looking like something a nine-year-old would draw when asked to combine his two favorite things: football and pizza. Nailing the discount with a winning smile usually reserved for a political candidate telling you that they've approved this message.

So, yeah, we could wonder what this means for the industry and remember the halcyon days when one of ESPN's top talents wasn't tasked with recording what amounts to a Cameo for people who love pizza and love football, but why do that when the content could simply be enjoyed?