Alternate Angle of Tyson Fury Knockout of Deontay Wilder is Outstanding

Deontay Wilder falls to the mat after getting knocked out by Tyson Fury.
Deontay Wilder falls to the mat after getting knocked out by Tyson Fury. / ROBYN BECK/GettyImages

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder engaged in arguably the most entertaining boxing match in the last decade on Saturday night, a fitting end to one of the great trilogies in boxing history.

As was the case in their second fight, Fury got the better of Wilder, knocking out the American in the 11th round of their battle.

The final punch was as much a culmination of the pounding Fury unleashed on his opponent the previous 10 rounds. However, the clean right hook he landed to finish off Wilder was nevertheless powerful and impressive, even more so when you see the ringside angle of the punch.

Wilder was fading before this punch was landed. His legs were lost after absorbing dozens of head-jarring haymakers in the lead up to this moment. But there is something special about seeing it from this angle. You had to pay a few thousand bucks for this view in the arena, but we’re getting it for free, which is nice.

This win solidified Fury’s place in the all-time pantheon of heavyweight fighters. Wilder, likewise, comes out of this fight looking better than he had after getting systematically obliterated by Fury in their second fight. If this was the last moment of these warriors in the arena, what a memorable one it was.