Alina Habba: Donald Trump is a Grown Man Who Has Access to His Social Media


Alina Habba, one of Donald Trump's lawyers, appeared on FOX & Friends this morning to talk about the various goings-ons in Trump World these days. Near the end of the interview, Steve Doocy asked Habba if anyone was reviewing the things Trump has been posting on social media, referring to the former president's most recent Truth Social rants as "stuff over the weekend that is getting a lot of attention." The short answer is, of course, no, but Habba tried her best to make it sound like there was a team of professionals all over this.

Alina Habba: "The president obviously has access to his social media. There's a system in place, meaning that we have a ton of communications people as we know, but in terms of what he does day by day, minute by minute, I can't speak to that. I wouldn't speak to that. That's his personal business."

Doocy: "So no one is reviewing it before he hits send?"

Habba: "I'm not going to speak to that. I think that the president has, just like i have and everybody else, the right to send it if he wants to and if it needs to be reviewed, it gets reviewed. But you know, he is a grown man and he does as he wishes."

Donald Trump, just another grown man with access to social media.