Before Alexander Skarsgård was Lukas Matsson in 'Succession,' He Was Meekus in 'Zoolander'


Succession is coming to a close and so to is the run of Alexander Skarsgård expertly playing tech billionaire douche Lukas Matsson. During the latest episode, Skarsgård's Matsson entered a party during a moment of silence that reminded me of Hansel and his entourage arriving late to the funeral in Zoolander. Somehow, this was extra fitting because it was Skarsgård's own funeral that was interrupted in Zoolander.

That's right, in case you forgot, but you might not have, Skarsgård played Meekus, one of Derek Zoolander's doomed male model roommates in Zoolander. It was Skarsgård's first role in an American filme and he was good. Very good in fact. He carried one of the funniest scenes in a very funny movie. Every line delivery and facial expression was amazing. It was perfect. Just watch.

The Earth to Brint scene into the freak gasoline fight accident scene is possibly the greatest three minutes in cinematic history. That may sound like hyperbole, but it really isn't. And the truth is Zoolander went from a humorous send-up of the fashion industry to an all-time classic at the exact moment Meekus, Brint, and Rufus shout "orange mocah frappucino" about 14 and a half minutes into the movie.

And it's all thanks to Skarsgård. It took him like another decade to show up in Lady Gaga videos and join the HBO family with Generation Kill and then True Blood and now he's fighting Godzilla and vikings and all that, but between Zoolander and his work on Succession, he's clearly ready to carry his own comedy. Earth to HBO, make it happen, okay?