Lukas Matsson's Top Five Party Fouls from the 'Succession' Tailgate Party


Lukas Matsson, the founder of GoJo, who isn't even really a coder, was a late and unexpected arrival to the Roy family's quadrennial election eve tailgate party. You may not have noticed, but he committed quite a few party fouls throughout the evening. While he didn't scream "people are data" or stick his dick in the guac, Matsson accused a host of kissing his ass, joked about his divorce, and called his best friend "Gary."

Basically, don't ever act like Lukas Matsson at a party. The man barely knows how many Indias there are. With that in mind, here are five major Swedish party fouls that you will want to avoid at your next gathering.


Lukas was invited by Logan, who is now dead. Then he RSVP'd yes, by e-mail, four minutes before walking in the door. Whether you think his invite was still valid or not, by not sending in a response in a timely manner, the hosts of the party did not have adequate time to update the head count. If it were just him, that would be one thing, but he appeared to be rolling seven deep when he walks in like Hansel at the funeral scene in Zoolander.

Tom should have had at least two more bottles of the light, fruity red biodynamic German stuff on hand, even if he was going to make them look scarce anyway. The point is, in the future, please respond by the date on the Evite.

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Bringing Oskar Gudjohnsen

One of Matsson's six plus-ones, Oskar Gudjohnsen, showed up moonbeamed on edibles, talking loudly in Swedish, completely unaware there was a beautiful moment of silence happening.

Casual Homophobia

Matsson could not pass up the opportunity to make Kendall Roy look like a woke lib in front of a large crowd of people by calling his numbers gay. Just an extremely strange bit of business trash talk from Matsson here. It probably sounded better in Swedish.

Get Involved in Family Business

In order for ATN to reach its full potential, Jeryd Mencken, the... conservative candidate must win the election. In order for him to do that, Connor is going to need to let go of his dream of 1% and take an ambassadorial role somewhere that doesn't have nukes. By the end of the episode, with the blessing of Willa, he decides to stay in the race. As he gives Roman his final decision he says he's listening to the one person who doesn't think he's a joke. You think it's his wife, but if you look in the background, you'll notice Matsson pointing to himself.

Political Footwear Choices

Lukas Matsson has that rich casual tech billionaire thing going on, but instead of the Zuckerberg-esque fuck you flip-flops, he wore Kyrie Irving Infinty shoes to the party. These particular shoes appear to be mostly sold out online, but also marked down 50%, which means this probably isn't the choice of a sneakerhead, but someone who wants to show his support for Kyrie.