AJ Brown and Seahawks Staffer Had a Physical Altercation While Big Dom Watched From a Luxury Suite


The Philadelphia Eagles were involved in another sideline incident during their Monday Night Football game against the Seattle Seahawks. This time it was AJ Brown getting into a physical altercation with someone from Seattle after he shoved defensive back Michael Jackson. As Brown's momentum carried him away form Jackson, an unidentified Seahawks staffer stepped in front of him and gave him a little shoulder check.

Brown turned around and got in the guy's face, but it was broken up. And the staffer was not ejected like Big Dom DiSandro, the Eagles head of security, was when he got into it with 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw earlier this season.

The ESPN broadcast missed this incident live, but showed it after they returned from commercial. They then showed Big Dom watching the game from a luxury box and Joe Buck noted that he was now protecting general manager Howie Roseman. Troy Aikman, who clearly enjoyed the story, noted that Big Dom had "leveled up," explaining, "He was on the sidelines now he's eating free food."

Buck gave Big Dom another shoutout as they went to the next commercial break.

While the NFL isn't allowing DiSandro back on the sideline during games this season, he's still doing his job. He escorted Jalen Hurts into the stadium on Monday.

He also signed some autographs.

It's unlikely the person who made contact with AJ Brown will get the same treatment.