49ers LB Dre Greenlaw Ejected For Hitting Eagles Security Guard in Face

Eagles-NIners /

Sunday's most anticipated NFL matchup featured the San Francisco 49ers going back to the scene of last year's NFC Championship Game to take on the Philadelphia Eagles. The visitors jumped out to a 14-6 halftime lead before scoring another touchdown, courtesy of Christian McCaffrey, to go up 21-6. The Eagles got the ball back knowing they needed to make something happen or the game would quickly fall out of reach. Then things got weird.

Jalen Hurts completed a pass to DeVonta Smith for a first down. Smith was tackled by 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw. At the end of the play Greenlaw body slammed the Eagles wideout, which was extremely unnecessary and led to a scrum on Philly's sideline.

This caused Greenlaw to get into a shoving match with a man later identified as the Eagles' chief of security. Greenlaw seemed to fake a punch at him and actually hit him in the face. Greenlaw was ejected and the chief of security was seen being told by the referees to exit the field shortly thereafter.

What an insane sequence of events. What was the Eagles' chief of security doing mixing it up on the sideline with opposing players? What possessed Greenlaw to get into a shoving match with someone who wasn't wearing an Eagles uniform? And what the hell was his fake punch thing? If it were an emphatic finger point he wouldn't have closed his fist. The fact that he did calls into question what his goal was.

A wild turn in a game already at its breaking point in terms of narratives and controversy.