Adrian Peterson May or May Not Be Engaged to His Playmate Girlfriend Ashley Brown, the Internet Isn't Quite Sure

Stephen Douglas

In 2010, SPORTS by BROOKS said that the couple was engaged and had been for some time. MTO also referred to Brown as Peterson’s “FIANCE” in 2010. Black Sports Online had the couple engaged in 2011. Searching for any clue about whether or not these kids have been engaged for a few days or a few years, I turned to Michael Scott’s favorite resource, Wikipedia, but AP’s page doesn’t even mention a girlfriend. If Wikipedia can’t give us the answers, who can? For what its worth, when Peterson was arrested over the summer, Pro Football Talk said that he was with his girlfriend.

Rolling (whatever that is) cited another source:

NFLer Adrian Peterson is reportedly marrying his college sweetheart after years of dating. Peterson, who’s believed to have been engaged since 2010, is reportedly now ready to wed Ashley Brown, the woman he met at the University of Oklahoma in 2o04.

Also, some sites say her name is Elizabeth Brown. And in 2006, she posed for Playboy in a Girls of the Big 12 issue as Ashley Thompson. So to recap what we have learned here today – Adrian Peterson is either newly engaged or is still engaged or not engaged to a woman who goes by the name Ashley Brown, Elizabeth Brown or Ashley Thompson. All that we know for sure is that Adrian Peterson does a pretty damn good job keeping people in the dark about his personal life and he is very good at football. [via Cosby Sweaters]