Adirondack Thunder Create 'Dan Flashes' Jerseys With Complicated Patterns

Dan Flashes plays hockey.
Dan Flashes plays hockey. /

Netflix's 'I Think You Should Leave' is a peak TV, post-Game of Thrones, streaming era, shared cultural experience TV show. That means two things:

1. There are people who are going to tell you it is actually bad
2. a minor league sports team is going to make a special edition jersey for a theme night.

Enter the ECHL's Adirondack Thunder and their Dan Flashes-inspired jerseys.

Those jerseys are really badass. And they are my exact style. They are obviously very expensive because the pattern is so complicated. See? These are all references to the sketch which I've embedded below. Let's all watch it.

He's just a little jet-lagged...

Posted by Netflix Is A Joke on Sunday, July 18, 2021

So good. Just like those badass jerseys. You know that there's going to be a fight when they wear those jerseys because the guys who wear those are very aggressive.