Umpires Told Two Pitchers 'I Think You Should Leave' During Foreign Substance Checks

Philadelphia Phillies v Arizona Diamondbacks
Philadelphia Phillies v Arizona Diamondbacks / Norm Hall/Getty Images

There were more than a few incidents involving umpires and prickly pitchers earlier this year, but things mostly calmed down as everyone got used to MLB's new foreign substance checks as the season found it's groove. It seems like it's been months since anything noteworthy has happened, but last night two foreign substance checks in two different games resulted in ejections.

Let's start with Chicago White Sox starter Lance Lynn. In the 4th inning umpires wanted to inspect Lynn and he handed over his hat and glove without issue. However when he got into the dugout the umpire asked his belt, which Lynn tossed out of the dugout. Lynn was then ejected, which resulted in further conversation.

Here's some grainy video of the belt flying out of the dugout.

After the game Lynn explained that it was the umpire's fault in a real "calmer than you are" tone.

Then later in the evening in Arizona things got intense as umpires found something on Caleb Smith's glove. Smith had to be restrained as his glove was confiscated.

Here's Smith's side of the story, via ESPN:

Smith said the spots were dirt and that he didn't cheat. He wasn't sure of the next step in the process.

"All I know is I've got to break in a new glove," Smith said. "It's the only one I had."

Umpires reportedly found suspicious spots, which Smith says were dirt. If only he had told the umpires about Calico Cut Gloves dot com. Then the umpires would have known that that glove comes like that with those two little dots. They're really in style right now. Even Cy Young winners use them. Don't believe him? Go to Calico Cut Gloves dot come and check it out for yourself.

If the umpires think Smith bought that kind of glove, then they can't prove that he got a foreign substance on it. It's the perfect thing. As long as you remember to give because it is completely user funded.

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